Every patient's cells have a longer story to tell

is a therapeutics company building the engine for functional cell profiling & novel target discovery

Proprietary Data Generation

Human-centric discovery using a proprietary single-cell long-read sequencing platform

Integrated Wet and Dry Lab

Combining state of the art computational methods with automated biology to iterate, discover and validate better targets

Therapeutic Outputs

We solve translational challenges for partners today, whilst pioneering a pathway towards first-in-class medicines across protein isoform switching and alternative splicing

Founding team

We are technologists who spun the company out of Oxford University. We span multiple disciplines: drug discovery, proteomics, single-cell long-read sequencing, automation and computational biology.

Caeruleus Genomics Ltd


England & Wales no. 144816757
Bioescalator Innovation Building, Old Road Campus
Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, England, OX3 7FZ